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Future Tense Newsletter: Why It’s So Hard to Think About the Future 2023-10-01
This article looks at how difficult it is for society to think about the future. It examines the collective anxiety and nostalgia that many people feel when it comes to the future, and how this has been exacerbated by current events and politics. It also looks at how Americans may have an overly optimistic view of the past when it comes to their belief in progress and optimism. The article then looks at how to navigate transitions and keep moving forward, using the life story and lessons of a 109-year-old man to illustrate this point. Finally, the article looks back on Future Tense's past stories and recommends a book to read to gain insight into the past.
AI + RCM: Worth the Hype? 2023-10-01
This article looks at the current state of medical billing and how advances in regulation, technology, and AI can help automate the process. It examines the data that is involved in a typical billing process and discusses how advancements such as data interoperability, pricing transparency, digital prior authorization, and natural language processing can make the process more efficient. The article also talks about the challenges of implementing software in medical billing, such as the need for humans in the loop and the difficulty of integrating with various EHRs. Lastly, it discusses potential opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the advancements in technology.
ServiceNow Community servicenow community 2023-09-30
The ServiceNow Community is a platform to allow developers to build, test, and deploy applications on the Now Platform. Through this platform, users can find detailed info about ServiceNow products, apps, features, and releases, and access self-help, technical support, and instructor-led and online training. There are also resources for the Community such as a Welcome Guide, Community Guidelines, Community Resources, Recognition & Rewards Program, Leaderboards, and an Idea Portal. This article also discusses the various products and services available, and the various forums, blogs, groups, events, and resources available to users of the ServiceNow Community.
ServiceNow Community servicenow community 2023-09-30
This article discusses the ServiceNow Community, a forum where users can ask questions and get answers related to ServiceNow products and solutions. It also provides information on the various products, services, and resources available, such as IT Service Management, Learning, Support, Documentation, Impact, Partner, Store, and Help. It also provides information on various topics such as Discussions, Blogs, Groups, Events, Resources, and RiseUp with ServiceNow. Finally, it provides instructions on how to restrict the "Delete" button to administrators.
Google is opening up its generative AI search experience to teenagers 2023-09-30
Google has announced that it is opening up its AI-powered search experience, known as SGE (Search Generative Experience), to teenagers aged 13-17 in the United States. The company is also introducing a new feature to add context to the content that users see, as well as an update to better detect false or offensive queries. Google has also added guardrails to ensure inappropriate or harmful content does not surface through the experience. The highest satisfaction with the experience has been found among those ages 18-24. In addition, Google is experimenting with ads that would appear next to the AI-generated responses and is expanding the AI-powered search outside the United States to India and Japan.
The hot new thing: AI platforms that stop AI’s mistakes before production 2023-09-30
AI-assisted code is becoming increasingly popular, leading to a rise in startups that are creating tools to prevent AI mistakes before production. One such startup is Braintrust, which recently announced a $3 million funding round. Braintrust is an "operating system for engineers building AI software" which helps them to ensure their AI models are accurate. It is backed by renowned angel investor Elad Gil and other notable investors such as Adam D'Angelo of Quora and Greg Brockman of OpenAI. The startup is currently being beta tested by companies like Zapier and Coda and works by helping companies curate representative datasets to test their software. Deepchecks is another similar startup that recently raised seed funding.
Google adds a switch for publishers to opt out of becoming AI training data 2023-09-30
Google has announced a new tool called Google-Extended which allows website publishers to opt out of having their data used to train the company’s AI models while still allowing it to be accessible through Google Search. The tool is available through robots.txt and will give website publishers a way to control access to their content. Google also plans to explore additional machine-readable approaches to choice and control for web publishers in the future.
A Silicon Valley Supergroup Is Coming Together to Create an A.I. Device 2023-09-30
Sam Altman, Jony Ive and Masayoshi Son are collaborating to create a new A.I. device to replace the smartphone. It could be in the form of a pendant or glasses that could process the world in real-time with a virtual assistant. They have asked SoftBank for up to $1 billion in funding and plan to use Arm's semiconductor expertise. Although many have tried to create new hardware devices before, few have the same track record as Jony Ive, who was the driving force behind the Apple Watch. The project is still in its early stages but has the potential to create a new paradigm in computing.
In Hollywood writers’ battle against AI, humans win (for now) 2023-09-30
After a 148-day strike, Hollywood screenwriters have negotiated significant guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace. The strike was largely about streaming-era economics, writers room minimums and residuals, as well as the threat of AI in script writing. The proposed contract requires studios and production companies to disclose to writers if any material given to them has been generated by AI partially or in full. It also states that AI cannot be a credited writer, cannot write or rewrite "literary material", and cannot be source material. Hollywood actors will soon resume negotiations with studios, and experts believe this deal could be a model for other content-creation industries. The agreement doesn't prohibit all uses of AI, but a company cannot require a writer to use AI software. The WGA and the studios agreed to meet at least twice a year during the contract's three-year term to discuss any changes. The deal will be watched closely by other industries and is seen as the first of many AI labor disputes.
IRS expands features in Tax Pro Accounts 2023-09-30
The IRS has added new features to its online Tax Pro Account service, allowing tax practitioners to view their client's tax information and withdraw from their active authorizations online in real time. This is part of the IRS's larger efforts to improve technology, funded by the Inflation Reduction Act. The new features will help tax pros better manage their client authorizations with the IRS and provide them with the tools needed to access relevant taxpayer information and address tax-related issues quickly. Over 260,000 people have used the Tax Pro Account since it debuted in July 2021, and the webpage has been viewed over 2.7 million times.
House in Bassillac et Auberoche , Dordogne , Aquitaine 2023-09-30
Leggett Immobilier is a real estate agency that specializes in buying and selling properties in France. It offers comprehensive services such as financing strategies, currency exchange, opening a French bank account, taxes for homeowners, and more. It has an extensive collection of properties for sale, including houses, apartments, chalets, chateaus, lakes, and more. It also offers a range of services to help buyers and sellers, such as step-by-step guides, top tips for sellers, diagnostics, and more. There is also a wealth of information on the French healthcare system, French education system, business ideas, and more. The featured property in the article is a single-storey house with a bioclimatic pergola terrace and garden on a plot of more than 800m2 located in Bassillac et Auberoche, Dordogne, Aquitaine.
The Science Behind The Placebo Effect 2023-09-30
In this episode of Science Friday, guest host and musician Dessa discusses the placebo effect, technoableism, Florida’s citrus industry, neuroscience and music, freshwater jellyfish, climate solutions, video games, and climate comedy. They discuss how the placebo effect works, the benefits placebos can offer for chronic illness management, disability technology, how to save Florida’s coral reefs, the power of the ocean, and the use of comedy in the climate movement. Transcripts for each segment are available the week after the show airs on
Cok Begenilen O Cantayı Yaptımm ✨ Hobo Canta 💕#cantamodelleri #cantayapımı - YouTube 2023-09-30
This article is about a YouTube video that shows how to create a popular Turkish song called "Hobo Canta". It provides instructions on how to make the song, as well as information about YouTube's terms of use, copyright, privacy, and other policies.
Report: Building the New America 2023-09-30
This new report examines the housing trends that are driving today's migration of people and jobs, and suggests a strategy that better fits the aspirations of most Americans. It highlights the preference of people to live in low- to mid-density communities and suggests an alternative strategy to the current planning regime of forced density. It also calls for the use of new technologies to make communities more sustainable and affordable, and stresses people’s preferences. The report was authored by Joel Kotkin, Wendell Cox, Marshall Toplansky, Tory Gattis, and Mark Schill.
Direitos dos Autistas | Dr. Thiago Castro - YouTube 2023-09-29
This article is about a video by Dr. Thiago Castro on YouTube discussing the rights of people with autism. He explains the rights of the autistic population and how they can seek legal assistance in Brazil. He also provides advice on how to make sure these rights are respected and protected.
Vehbi Koc Belgeseli | 1992 | 32. Gun Arsivi - YouTube 2023-09-29
This article is about a documentary about Vehbi Koc, a prominent Turkish businessman. The documentary was released in 1992 and is available to view on YouTube. It explores the life and career of Vehbi Koc and his contributions to the country. It also provides insight into the history of Turkey and how it has evolved over time.
فیلم کامل سمینار هدف گذاری استاد بهرام پور - YouTube 2023-09-29
In this article, a full-length seminar of Dr. Bahram Pour is presented on YouTube. It covers the topics of goal setting and how to achieve them. The article also mentions the YouTube features, such as press, creators, developers, terms, privacy, policy, and safety. Lastly, NFL Sunday Ticket is included in the article.
This YouTube video provides a summary of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. The video explains the core ideas of Smith’s book, which include the concept of the “invisible hand” of the free market, the division of labor and specialization, and the idea of economic growth being driven by the accumulation of capital. It also explains Smith’s arguments about taxes and government intervention in the economy. The video concludes by discussing Smith’s legacy and his influence on economic thought.
The Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula (Start With This!) - YouTube 2023-09-29
This article provides an overview of the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula, a tool that helps users create a chatbot with natural language processing capabilities. It explains how to start using the formula to create a chatbot, as well as provides information on how YouTube works, copyright, contact information, developers, terms, privacy, policy, and safety.
‘Common goal’: Tasmanian carbon accounting startup Sumday forges partnership with Xero 2023-09-29
Tasmanian startup Sumday has joined forces with business management platform Xero to bring carbon accounting software and education to more businesses and advisors around the world. The goal is to make carbon accounting an extension of financial accounting and reporting for businesses globally. Sumday was founded by Jessica Richmond, Lindsay Ellis and Danny Hoare, and provides carbon accounting services to their clients. They are excited to be partnering with Xero to make carbon accounting affordable, accessible, and accurate. The partnership will provide training, software, and support for businesses and advisors in Australia and across the world. This will help to make carbon accounting a part of “business as usual” for SMEs and their advisors.
Google Bard fails to deliver on its promise — even after latest updates 2023-09-29
Google's new chatbot, Bard, was recently overhauled with the intention of providing users with access to its most popular products including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and more. Despite the potential of the update, after testing the product, it was found to be a disappointment and to fall short of expectations. Issues included producing inaccurate or nonsensical responses, lack of creativity and versatility, and lack of options to adjust its creativity level. Without improvement, Google is at risk of losing its reputation as a leader in AI. OpenAI's GPT-4 is still the recommended alternative.
How to Accurately Price Advisory Services 2023-09-29
This article by Sandy Petty, CPA, CGMA, PHR, SHRM-CP discusses the process for accurately pricing advisory services. It involves an understanding of the client's needs and the complexities of their business, the value the firm is offering, and the competitive landscape. Additionally, the article discusses the importance of understanding the cost of expertise, assessing the market, and evaluating the pricing strategy regularly.
Developing a CPA firm AI policy 2023-09-29
In this article, Alison Simons discusses the importance of developing an AI policy for CPA firms that are embracing AI technology. She suggests creating an AI committee to develop the policy, which should cover topics such as selecting and testing AI tools, maintaining privacy, and informing clients about the use of AI. She recommends starting with marketing AI tools and emphasizes that AI is here to stay and can help firms better serve their clients.
Pagalba 2023-09-29
Vytauto Didziojo universiteto studentai gali prisijungti prie virtualios mokymo aplinkos naudodami savo naudotojo varda (vardas.pavarde) ir slaptazodi, kuris yra toks pat, kuris naudojamas universiteto el. pasto dėžutėje. Norint pakeisti ar atkurti prarastą slaptažodį, studentai gali naudoti pagalbos svetainę. Jei yra problemų susijusių su prieiga prie aplinkos, studentai gali kreiptis į studentų pagalbą.
Andrew Huberman - How Porn Addiction Destroys Men’s Brains - YouTube 2023-09-29
This article discusses how porn addiction can have a negative impact on a person's brain. Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist, explains that porn addiction can cause reward system changes in the brain, leading to decreased motivation and decreased dopamine reward response. He also discusses the potential for addiction to lead to depression and anxiety, as well as changes in sexual functioning. He offers advice for those who may be struggling with porn addiction, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and self-control.
David Goggins Reveals His Entire Morning Routine - YouTube 2023-09-29
In this YouTube video, former Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete David Goggins reveals his entire morning routine. Goggins starts his day by meditating, then getting a workout in, followed by journaling and studying. He also talks about the importance of having a routine and how it can help you stay focused and productive.
How Marijuana Affects the Brain & Body | Dr. Andrew Huberman - YouTube 2023-09-29
This YouTube video hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman explores the various ways in which marijuana can affect the brain and body. He discusses how marijuana can both positively and negatively impact the body, including its effects on neurological functions, pain relief, and appetite. He also touches on the potential risks associated with marijuana use, including addiction and other mental and physical health issues.
IF, Spor ve Uyku | Kısa ve Oz 154 - YouTube 2023-09-29
This video is about the importance of physical activity, sleep, and diet for a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on the importance of having an adequate intake of food, getting good sleep, and exercising regularly. It also discusses how NFL Sunday Ticket can help people stay up to date on the latest news, scores, and games.
A DAY IN MY LIFE | Gym, Work, Eating - YouTube 2023-09-29
This article is about a YouTube video that documents a day in the life of a person. The video shows the activities of the person, such as going to the gym, working, and eating. It also provides information about how YouTube works, the NFL Sunday Ticket, and other related topics.
IF, Spor ve Uyku | Kısa ve Oz 154 - YouTube 2023-09-29
This article is about the importance of sleep and exercise in maintaining good health. It discusses the benefits of getting enough regular sleep and exercising regularly, and how both can contribute to overall well-being. It also provides tips on how to get enough sleep and exercise, and how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Lastly, it provides information on NFL Sunday Ticket, which is a streaming service that provides access to NFL games.
I Tried Andrew Huberman's Morning Routine - [30 Days + Blood Tests] - YouTube 2023-09-29
In this article, the author shares his experience trying out Andrew Huberman’s morning routine for 30 days and getting blood tests done to measure the effects. Huberman’s routine includes getting up early, cold exposure, meditation, and exercise. The author found that the routine helped him to stay focused and have more energy throughout the day. The results of the blood tests showed a marked improvement in his mental and physical health.
Projet de loi de finances 2024 : le gouvernement peut dire merci aux impots 2023-09-29
Le gouvernement français remercie les impôts pour le projet de loi de finances 2024. Ce numéro hors-série traite des liens dangereux entre guerres et capitalisme et est disponible pour 9.80 €. Des dossiers et autres publications supplémentaires sont également disponibles.
Sprawa numerow ksiag wieczystych trafiła do prokuratury 2023-09-29
Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych (UODO) złożył skargę do prokuratury dotyczącą serwisu internetowego, który odpłatnie udostępnia numery ksiąg wieczystych. UODO wcześniej uznał, że numery KW są danymi osobowymi. Sprawa ta dotyczy działań Głównego Geodety Kraju (GGK) z 2019 r. UODO uznało, że te działania są niezgodne z RODO. Skarga została złożona po tym, jak GGK nie zamknęło połączenia z portalem Elektronicznej Księgi Wieczystej i nie wyłączyło widoczności numerów KW w Geoportalu.
In the World of Creator Brands, Faces Are the New Logo 2023-09-29
This article examines the rise of creator brands, which are businesses that are built around an individual creator. It explores how the face of the creator has become the new logo for these brands, and how this has changed the landscape of branding. It also discusses the "Nordic Equilibrium State of the Brand," which is a new way of thinking about how to build a successful brand and create an emotional connection with customers.
Exploring the Dynamic Interplay of Marketing, Branding, and Service Design 2023-09-29
This article explores the relationship between marketing, branding, and service design. It offers insight into the Nordic Equilibrium State of the Brand, which is a process that helps companies create a unique and successful brand. The article explains how marketing, branding, and service design interact and how this interaction can help companies establish an effective brand. It provides examples of how companies can create an effective brand using the Nordic Equilibrium State of the Brand.
kekcOQEENKMbIDT8XhpV 2023-09-29
The tone of a social media platform cannot be hidden and is set by the people who use it. This comment reflects on how Chief Xeet and his followers have created a toxic environment that has been made worse by Elon Musk's "dog whistles" and new moderation style. The comment suggests that people need to take responsibility for creating a positive tone on social media.
The NYT Uses Trans Hate to Discipline Its Workers 2023-09-29
This article discusses how the New York Times has used anti-trans content to discipline and silence its workers. It argues that while the NY Times is sincerely bigoted against trans people, it is also using this bigotry as a tactic to assert dominance over its own labor force and to rebrand itself as a conservative newspaper. It also discusses how the paper's reactionary turn and embrace of an anti-trans moral panic has been used to undermine workers and their demands for more equitable treatment, and how labor rights and trans rights are intertwined.
All Advertising Looks the Same These Days. Blame the Moodboard 2023-09-29
This article discusses the phenomenon of visual homogeneity in art direction and branding, which has arisen due to the use of moodboards and collective inspiration websites like Pinterest and It argues that art directors' reliance on these sites to source imagery can lead to a lack of discovery and iteration in the creative process. The article also looks at the shelfie trend as an example of semiotic degeneration due to the overuse of certain photo trends. It suggests that designers look to other creative fields such as architecture and fine art for inspiration, and trust their own intuition to avoid repetition.
FTC Warns Tax Preparation Companies About Misuse of Consumer Data 2023-09-29
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a warning to tax preparation companies about their misuse of consumer data. The FTC is particularly concerned about contract terms that impede their investigation of potential anti-competitive behavior. The FTC encourages tax preparation companies to review their contracts and remove terms that could limit competition.
We Took a Decent Nap - YouTube 2023-09-28
This article is about a YouTube video titled “We Took a Decent Nap”. The video discusses the importance of taking a nap and outlines some tips for taking a successful nap. It also provides information on the NFL Sunday Ticket.
The Dark Side of Six Sigma: A Critical Analysis of Its Failures and Lessons 2023-09-28
In this article, the author examines the failures of the Six Sigma approach, which is a methodology used to reduce defects and increase quality in manufacturing and other business processes. The author looks at examples of Six Sigma failures from Motorola and GE, and discusses the reasons behind their failure, such as lack of support from senior management, lack of communication, lack of testing and validation of the system before implementation, and lack of training and change management for the end users. The author then suggests alternative approaches, such as Lean manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Toyota Production System/Just-in-time, Theory of Constraints, Capability Maturity Model Integration, and Statistical Process Control. The article concludes that Six Sigma is an inadequate process improvement technique that does more harm than good, and should be replaced by more flexible and adaptive processes that foster learning and feedback.
How a Strategic Mistake Cost Home Depot More Than Money 2023-09-28
This article discusses a strategic mistake made by The Home Depot in the late 1990s when they hired Robert Nardelli as their CEO. Nardelli had recently lost the race for the CEO spot at General Electric and Home Depot offered him the CEO position in a desperate attempt to fill the role. This decision ended up being a huge blunder for Home Depot, as they had chosen Nardelli without giving him enough time to think and introspect about the offer. The article then compares the outcomes of Home Depot and General Electric and shows how the hiring of Nardelli was a mistake.
Temperaments: Which of the 4 Types Are You? 2023-09-28
This article explores the four distinct types of temperament — sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic — and how they form part of an individual's personality. It explains how genetics and external environmental factors like childhood experiences shape temperament, and how the two terms — temperament and personality — are distinct from each other. It also provides various ways to determine one's temperament type, including self-assessment tests and consulting with a mental health expert, and discusses whether temperaments can change.
Yabancı Bir Gezegene Adım Atın ! Journey to the Savage Planet PS5 Incelemesi ve Kesif - YouTube 2023-09-28
This article discusses a YouTube video about Journey to the Savage Planet, a game available on the Playstation 5. It provides an overview of the game and a review of its features. It also provides information on the YouTube video, such as the creators, the press, copyright, contact information, developers, terms, privacy policy, and safety.
Osmanlı ’ya Ikinci Baharını Yasatan Sadrazam : Koprulu Fazıl Ahmet Pasa - YouTube 2023-09-28
This article is about Fazıl Ahmet Pasa, the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire during the 17th century, who was responsible for bringing about a period of stability and prosperity known as the "Second Spring" of the Ottoman Empire. The article goes on to discuss his life, career, and legacy.
Tensions erupt between McCarthy and Gaetz at closed-door House GOP meeting as shutdown nears 2023-09-28
Tensions rose between House Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and Speaker Kevin McCarthy at a closed-door meeting as the House GOP conference failed to coalesce around a plan to avert a shutdown. McCarthy denied Gaetz's allegation that his allies were paying conservative influencers to bash Gaetz on social media, and other members complained about Gaetz, calling him a "scumbag". With only three days to go before government funding expires, the House and Senate are at an impasse with House Republicans throwing cold water on a bipartisan proposal to avert a shutdown. House Republicans are planning late night votes Thursday on a series of spending bills, though they may not have enough GOP support to pass. The Senate is working to advance a bipartisan stopgap bill that would keep the government open through November 17, but it is uncertain when a final passage vote will take place. The White House has warned of massive disruptions to air travel, national security, and other areas if the government shuts down.
Invasive species are pushing close to the boundaries of protected areas 2023-09-28
In a recent study, researchers found that over 90% of protected areas are currently free of invasive species. However, many protected areas are located within 10km of invasive species, and nearly all of them have an invasive population within 100km of the borders. Human influence such as roads and the density of people in the area, as well as the size and year of establishment of protected areas, have been found to influence the likelihood of invasion. Invasive species such as the American mink can cause devastating ecological and economic damage. Control measures such as shooting, snaring and trapping, erecting mink-proof fences, and using repellents are being used to combat the issue. The article concludes that improved control measures, such as monitoring vehicles and tourists when they enter parks, and regularly monitoring areas for potential invaders, are needed to prevent further harm to the environment.
Login 2023-09-28
This article is about Language Tool, a writing assistant that helps improve writing by offering synonyms, articles, and pronunciation. Users can sign up for the service for free and log in with their Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts. They can also log in with their email address and password. The service is made with love in Europe and the US and includes privacy terms and conditions.
Enginyurt'tan Meclis'te 'gunaydın' tepkisi: "Arap mıyım ben ya? Turk oglu Turk'um" - YouTube 2023-09-28
In Turkey, a member of Parliament from the Enginyurt district, Yalçın Akdoğan, made a statement in response to a greeting from another member of Parliament. Akdoğan rejected the use of the Arabic greeting "good morning" and instead used the Turkish greeting "Günaydın", declaring that he was a Turk, not an Arab. His statement quickly went viral on social media.
Analityk: inwestorzy Pepco moga czuc sie oszukani 2023-09-28
Akcje Pepco Group spadły o 20 procent podczas czwartkowej sesji, 28 września. Grupa zakomunikowała, że wynik EBITDA w roku obrotowym kończącym się 30 września wzrośnie nieco mniej niż oczekiwano, ale będzie zgodny z konsensusem prognoz analityków. Sprzedaż jest niższa niż przed rokiem, a grupa musi poprawić rentowność i generować gotówkę oraz postawić na bardziej zrównoważony wzrost. Analityk przewiduje wyhamowanie ekspansji, a rewizja strategii będzie dotyczyć tempa ekspansji w Europie Zachodniej. Inwestorzy mogą poczuć się oszukani z powodu spadku notowań Pepco oraz niespodziewanego obniżenia prognoz.